Manage visitors with a visitor management software

If you’re looking for a Visitor Management Software that will help you streamline your visitor check-in process and keep your workplace safe, Pronestor Visitor is the perfect solution. Pronestor Visitor offers a complete visitor management solution, giving you an overview of all visitors to your office, and helping you manage them efficiently. Plus, the visitor management system will save you time and help you make a great first impression on your business guests.  Visitor management is important for keeping your office safe. With Pronestor Visitor, you can easily track who is in your office at any given time and ensure that only authorized visitors have access to your premises.

Visitor management software for even the most complex need

The software makes it easy to manage all your visitors, so you can always be sure who is on site. In case of an emergency, Pronestor Visitor provides a complete register of all your visitors, making it easy to evacuate everyone safely. With our Visitor Management solution, you can rest assured that your office is always running smoothly. Pronestor Visitor is the perfect solution for organizations with complex visitor needs. It offers a complete overview of your visitors, past, present, and future, and can handle multiple entry points across multiple locations. With Pronestor Visitor, all your meeting appointments are gathered in one place, so you can easily see who’s coming and when. Additionally, Pronestor Visitor offers reporting features so you can track exactly who’s been where and when.

What do I get with the visitor management software?

With customised name badges, your visitors can easily register their arrival and checkout. All visitor information is stored in one place for easy access. For managed receptions, the system makes it easy to print personal name badges for each visitor. Some of the key features of the visitor management include:

  • Online Visitor Registration: Allows visitors to fill out their information online before they arrive at your premises. This saves time and hassle upon arrival.
  • Name Badges: Customised name badges are automatically generated for each visitor. The badges can include the visitor’s name, photograph, and company logo.
  • Visitor Information: All visitor information is stored in one place for easy access. You can view the names of all visitors, their companies, arrival and departure times, and the purpose of their visit.
  • Managed Receptions: For managed receptions, our system makes it easy to print personal name badges for each visitor. This allows you to provide a professional and welcoming reception for your visitors.